One-Stop Export Documentation Center

     Under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed with the EDC, PHILEXPORT and some of its Chapters manage admin­istratively the operations of the One-Stop Export Documen­tation Centers (OSEDCs) in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Clark. These OSEDCs house under one roof rep­resentatives of the different government agencies involved in export documentation processing, namely, the Bureau of Animal Industry, Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Bureau of Plant Industry, and the National Statistics Office.

Some milestones in the OSEDC’s history:

  • November 11, 1985 – The Ministry of Trade and Industry (currently Department of Trade and Industry) and the Bureau of Customs signed an MOA to establish a One-Stop Shop to process export documents. 
  • June 10, 1993 – The function of overseeing OSEDCs all over the country was transferred from the Commission on Export Procedures (CEP) to the EDC, including the monitoring of the efficiency of all OSEDC operations.
  • September 13, 1993 – The EDC transferred the management of OSEDC to PHILEXPORT by virtue of an MOA.
  • July 25, 1996 – The Bureau of Customs deputized PHILEXPORT to process and approve Export Declaration/Authority to Load for loading at any of the three ports in Manila, namely, Port of Manila (POM), Manila International Container Port (MICP) and Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).