Information Collection and Dissemination

PHILEXPORT partly responds to the information needs of its members through:

a. PHILEXPORT News and Features - The PNF is a major policy advocacy publication released every Friday to media out­lets nationwide. It carries PHILEXPORT positions on issues; news and feature stories on important events and activities; and even promotional articles. Initiated with USAID fund­ing assistance, it is now fully operated and funded by PHILEXPORT.

b. PHILEXPORT web site ( - The website features information on PHILEXPORT as an organization, its services, industry profiles, list of PHILEXPORT members, poli­cy and market updates and other publications, trade op­portunities, calendar of events, links to relevant trade web sites, matching facility between buyers and sellers and a tariff database. There are also on-line applications to avail of certain services, web site advertisement, membership and its renewal, aside from providing a venue for mem­bers’ suggestions and comments on certain issues.

c. Market Update, Policy Advisories and Activities Bulletin - These provide the latest and important information and are sent to all or to sectoral members within 48 hours of receipt by PHILEXPORT. Sources include embassies, online newsletters and other publications; local and internation­al business support organizations, government and other similar agencies.

d. News At A Glance – This contains a summary of trade and economic-related headlines gathered from seven major newspapers sent daily to all members.